John Zachman Award for
"Enterprise Architecture" for 2019

The World's Most Prestigious Architecture Award - Open for Nominations

Enterprise Architecture

A structured set of descriptive representations relevant for describing an Enterprise and being employed such that an instance of the Enterprise can be created and such that the descriptive representations serve as a baseline for changing the instantiated Enterprise.
Enterprise Diagnosis

 The Process of analyzing Enterprise problems to determine their "root" causes based on the Enterprise Ontology (the Zachman Framework) in order to prescribe enduring solutions as opposed to putting "band-aids" on symptomatic anomalies by trial and error or "gut feel"
Enterprise Engineering

The process of creating the single-variable, "Primitive" representations of an Enterprise such that they can be used (re-used) in producing Enterprise implementation "Composites"  to accommodate extreme complexity and extreme rates of change.
Award Overview
ICMG in association with Zachman International, proud to announce the institution of an annual award on the name of the living legend, John Zachman.

"Zachman Award for Enterprise Architecture" will be awarded every year along with other architecture awards.

As you know the living legend- John Zachman, is the inventor of “Enterprise Architecture” discipline. The emerging discipline, which is revolutionizing the way we think “Enterprise”.

Winner 2011

Very often, CXOs find themselves in the middle of chaos wherein the enterprise are struggling to manage complex and ever-changing business & system ideas.

If you have a success story with Zachman Framework which has made a difference to your enterprise & business, nominate yourself for this very prestigious award.

Such an implementation is a daunting task with opportunities to fail 
lurking in many places.

Please note that only if components of "Primitive" Models are employed in the process of creating the implementation "Composites", the Enterprise will be "architected."  

Share your experience of implementation, problems and some great advice on how to overcome...

and you could be the winner of the world's most prestigious enterprise architecture award.

Winner 2012

Award Ceremony
The winners will be announced and felicitated during the Architecture Award ceremony scheduled for 19-20-21th Nov in Washington DC as a part of Architecture World Summit.