Videos - Architecture Award Nights

Memories of the Award Nights -  grit & guts, and perseverance key to the excellence
  1. Howard Bertrand CIO
    Labour & Transportation Cluster Ontario Ministry of Transportation
  2. Kazuaki Oya, CMO,
    Allied Telesis
  3. Victor Khor Executive VP Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad
    Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad
  4. Claire Rutkowski
    MWH Global
  5. FNB, South Africa
    Best Enterprise & IT Architecture in BFSI 2014
  6. IT Landscape Rationalization category
    PTI Consulting Limited, Kenya
  7. John Jeske, Dell
    iCMG Architecture Excellence Award in the category "Acuisition and Mergers"
  8. Mark Grant, Director of Enterprise Architecture, CSX Corporation
    ICMG Architecture Excellence Award in the category "Enterprise Architecture" 2011
  9. Jean Pierre Souzy, Vice President, EADS Germany
    'Best Enterprise & IT Architecture in Manufacturing' 2012 ceremony.
  10. HSCIC UK
    Architecture Excellence Awards 2015 in Health care
  11. Credit Suisse, Switzerland won in
    SOA category 2015
  12. Telefonica from Spain
    Telecom category 2015
  13. Architecture Methodology 2017
    Reliance Industries and Ras Gas are joint winner
  14. Global Chief Architects
    .Awards winners 2017
  15. Global Architecture Excellence Awards
    2017 Winners
  16. Global Enterprise and IT Architecture Awards 2017
    Winners 2017
  17. Credit Suisse, USA and S&P capital IQ
    IT Products category 2016
  18. Lloyds Banking, UK and Nationwide USA are the
    Joint winner in BFSI category 2016
  19. John Zachman on Architecture Awards
    About ICMG Awards and Enterprise Architecture Summit - what's the difference?
  20. Steve Towers receiving the iCMG Hall of Fame Award
    Steve Towers, BPM Guru, Author, Founder & CEO, BP Group, UK; receiving the iCMG Hall Of Fame Award during the iCMG Architecture Excellence Awards 2011

Industry Recognization

ICMG Architecture Excellence Awards competition provides a great opportunity for the teams and
​organizations to benchmark their Enterprise & IT Architecture capability.